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Pricing is subject to change at any time. Agreed pricing between designer and client is valid through completion of project.

All invoices for project/s must be paid in full to begin work.

Currently all invoices must be paid via website, PayPal or cash.


O’Bryan Designs does not offer any refunds for any services. Once a sale is made, it is final.

It is advised to give your project sufficient time for completion for these reasons:

  • Revisions may be needed, peak orders received, or prior orders may take longer than expected.

  • I will provide you with a reasonable turn-around time for each project.

  • If you want to cancel your order after part or full payment has been paid, that is your decision. However due to our strict no refund policy, we will be unable to complete a refund request.

Ownership of all artwork (unless permission is given) will remain the property of O’Bryan Designs.


Your daft/proof images of any kind are for the purpose of approval only. They may not be copied, manipulated or distorted in any way. NO EXCEPTIONS. All drafts or proofs are property of O’Bryan Designs.


We here at O’Bryan Designs believe in making and keeping our customers happy. With that being said we will give unlimited revisions (within reason) to make our customers happy. If for some reason a client is not happy after multiple revisions we will thank you for giving us a chance but unfortunately we are unable to help you at this time. (No refunds will be given)

Design Content

It is very important to have a vision of some kind for your business, so it can be relayed to me through: Client, photos, screenshots etc…

Keep in mind that our visions may not be the same without the right info researched and gathered, which can lead to longer than normal wait times. Please have your ideals ready to go!

FYI, clients are required to submit high resolution photos & verbiage needed for project.

Warning: Make sure all text included in project is spelled correctly and all Info is correct and accurate.

O’Bryan Designs cannot use any photo with prior copyrights.


It is very important to O’Bryan Designs to get all projects done in a timely matter. However, due to the “Custom: feature that we provide our clients may be longer than normal timeframe. Please be advised that timeframes are related to business days only.

Content Delivery Files

All design only projects are sent to you “The Client” in the form of an email from O’Bryan Designs.

Logo Design files: JPEG, PNG, PDF and SVG

Flyers, Business Cards, website, graphics etc… are sent in JPEG, PNG and PDF

All AI & PSD files remain the property of O’Bryan Designs, even if for some reason a copy is supplied to you.

Copyrighting or trade marking your logo is solely up to you the client and is not the responsibility of O’Bryan Designs.

Once your project is completed, you t he client gives O’Bryan designs permission to use your project for our gallery on our website also can be used for marketing purposes.

All terms and agreements are subject to change anytime: Last updated 7/18/2022

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